Block Colour

Most of you will have noticed that BLOCK COLOUR is THE defining feature of this Autumn’s fashion statement.  Here’s how to make sure you use it to your advantage!

Those of us blessed with bigger hips and bottoms should look out for block colour with the sixties twist of dividing the skirt with a vertical stipe in a contrasting colour.  Of course a horizontal stripe on the top half will instantly add inches just where you need it!  Remember as well that a darker colour (this doesn’t mean just black!) on your bottom half will even out any differences you have with a smaller top half.

If your body works the other way round just reverse the trend.  Keep the skirt all one colour as bright as you like, with your top half a darker tone or shade.

If you want to create more of a waist, look for block colours with a  band around the waistband or with  panels of colour that are at their widest at the waist.

Want to look taller?  Avoid block colour that divides the body with contrasting colours.  Chose colours that are in the same tone.  Add shoes that are the same colour you’re wearing on your top half.

Want to look shorter and more shapely?  Go for block colour that has a lot of contrast, preferably horizontal, and especially an outifit that defines the waist?  Add brightly coloured tights in a contrasting colour and long boots.

Happy Shopping!



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