Make sure you’re seen – wear your hi-viz jacket!  Not suitable for everyone and you really don’t want to be mistaken for a maintenance chap!  So make sure there is not a shadow of a doubt that this is an on-trend look, not you complying to health and safety regulations!

HiViz1Are  you brave enough to ‘say it loud’, try this dress from Next?  Not so brave – how about a bag or shoes.  Team it with white for a summer look that can’t be beaten.  Just in case we don’t get the sun this year, you’ll still be shining bright.HiViz2

The Hi-Viz colour adds interest to black and white monochrome styles.  Just add a dash of colour – a woman with style who’s just a tiny bit ‘cheeky’!

There’s just one rule you need to remember.  HI-VIZ means ‘get noticed’, so don’t wear it on the part of you you’d really like to go ‘unnoticed’.  Use it to draw attention to your great bust, shapeley legs or toned arms.

Here comes summer!


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